of Blades


After making a name for herself as a skilled thief and knife-fighter, the half-tigron Maeve decided to join the war for personal gain, selling her services to the highest bidder. She dashes from shadow to shadow with unnatural agility, concealed by her magical longcoat, a souvenir from one of her most daring burglaries: the Magistrate’s fortress keep. While her employers find her talents useful, they often complain of suspiciously misplaced valuables and lost coins after she moves on to the next fight.


Throw two Daggers every second that each deal 400 Damage.


Quickly Dash Forward. Collide with an enemy to perform a melee Strike for 400 Damage.

Nine Lives

Reset the cooldowns of Pounce and Prowl and heal for 400.


Move 50% Faster and increase your jump height for 5s. Firing your weapon or using another ability will cancel Prowl.


Enemies within 300ft have their vision restricted to a 30 foot radius for 4s.