The Ancient

Front Line

Once the dedicated protector of an island home of the Ska’drin, the ancient Makoa has now been summoned to wage war against the Magistrate on the mainland. Though he hopes to one day return to the islands, he fears that the unappeased volcanoes will rend them asunder in his absence. In the meantime, however, he brings both the fury of the ocean and the indomitable resilience of the tortoise spirit, as well as various naval implements, to bear against those who would defile the natural world.


A salvaged ship cannon that fires one 650 damage cannon ball every 1s. Effective at Short Range.

Dredge Anchor

Hurl your anchor and reel in an unsuspecting enemy.

Shell Shield

Project a 6000 health shield that blocks enemy fire for 4s.

Shell Spin

Retreat into your shell and spin forward, dealing 150 damage and knocking back enemies in your path.

Ancient Rage

Call on the powers of the Ancients. Drop your cannon and swing your anchor, dealing 650 damage a hit. In addition, increase your health by 5000. Lasts 8s.