The Wild


The soul of the forest isn’t an invisible spirit or comforting poem about being one with nature, it’s an angry walking tree with a huge stone axe. After decades of peaceful slumber since the last time Grover had to walk the land and help put down the goblin scourge, he has awoken once again to find the forests of the Realm threatened by the spread of humanoid civilization, rampant industrialization, and the fires of war. Hoisting his trusty axe, he stomps into battle once again, intent on destroying anything and anyone who would harm the natural world.

Throwing Axe

Hurl your axe dealing 300 damage. Bonus Damage: The Axe deals more damage the further it travels, up to 750.

Crippling Throw

Throw an axe dealing 400 damage and crippling affected enemies for 1s.


Passively Heal nearby allies for 80 health a second. Activate this ability to heal nearby allies instantly for 900.


Throw a vine, that latches onto the first ally or terrain that it touches then pull yourself towards it.


Rapidly heal nearby allies for 2500 health per second for 4s.